Baling Tape, 13mm x 250M, 8 Rolls: €127er Box / €15.90per Roll / €0.065per Metre

Product Description
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  • Baler Strapping 13mm: 8 Rolls x 250M = Total of 2000 Metres of Baler Strapping = €127.per Box /  €15.90 per Roll / €0.065per Metre.

  • 100% Money Back Product Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Our Baler Strapping fits just about every type of Cardboard Baler on the Market.

  • Our Baler Strapping is the best value on the market, combining good quality with a low price

  • The Baler Strapping is strong and durable, but also soft to the touch, making it safe for your employees to use.

  • The Strength of the Baler Strapping means it is great for making tight bales which hold firmly together when being moved or transported


    • Breaking Strain: 380 Kgs

    • Baler Strapping width: 13mm

    • Baler Strapping Lenth per Coil: 250M

    • Diameter of Core (Inner): 76 mm

    • Diameter of Core (Outter): 80/84 mm

    • Core / Tube Wall Thickness: Approx 3 mm



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